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HTML code

If you want to learn to edit, build or develop websites, then some knowledge of HTML is helpful, even if you are using Dreamweaver or a similar 'easy' web editor program.

As a very brief introduction, I have written 3 pages about the bare essentials of HTML

In this short space I can only give the basics, however:-

There are many books written on HTML. I have use HTML for the World Wide Web, by Elizabeth Castro (Visual Quickstart Guide) and have found it very good.

There are many internet tutorials on HTML and the internet in general, including :-

the Dreamweaver site at http://www.macromedia.com/support/dreamweaver/ has tutorials (they seem complex to me)
http://www.sitebuilder.ws/dreamweaver/tutorials/ looks quite good to help with Dreamweaver
http://www.johncfish.com/ - has good backgrounds and other tools
http://www.davesite.com/webstation/html/ - looks like good stuff about 'raw html'
http://www.pagetutor.com/ looks OK
http://www.internet-magazine.com/design is highly recommended
http://www.jessett.com/web_sites/structure seems very good