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Online Tutorials

There are 2 main approaches to site development and building:- using HTML code, or using a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver (WYSIWYG is What You See Is What You Get - these are quicker and more powerful) - there are details on my Download page for editors)

  There are many other resources and online tutorials available, some with much more detail than I can offer here - here these are a few of them :-

the Dreamweaver site at http://www.macromedia.com/support/dreamweaver/ has tutorials, but they look a bit complex to me
http://www.sitebuilder.ws/dreamweaver/tutorials/ looks quite good
http://www.johncfish.com/ - has good backgrounds and other tools
http://www.davesite.com/webstation/html/ - looks like good stuff about 'raw html'
http://www.pagetutor.com/ looks OK
http://www.internet-magazine.com/design is highly recommended
http://www.jessett.com/web_sites/structure seems very good

The control panel offers a number of free services that can be installed by the end user, including forum, shopping basket, counter, etc. I request you to use these if possible, and to keep me informed of any others that you are using - server company has now decided to limit 'form to mail' scripts to two that are secure. All others will be disabled. Please contact me for more details.

There are vast numbers of techniques and possibilities !!